75th RILEM Week
Merida, Yucatán, Mexico | August 29th – September 3rd, 2021

PhD Courses Poster Competition Guidelines

The one page posters must be made in portrait format with height-width dimensions of 2-1 and must include the following information:

  • Title
  • Names of author(s) and affiliated organization(s)
  • Abstract (brief summary of objectives, methods, results, and conclusions)
  • Background Information
  • Project Objectives
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results (tables, graphs, charts)
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion of possible future directions or why project is complete

Academic institution logos, as well as RILEM and the 75th RILEM Week logos may be displayed on the poster. If the research presented was supported by a specific funding source, i.e., a grant or a company, a written acknowledgement of the funding source may be displayed but the logo will not be included on the poster.

Include all collaborators that contributed to the body of work in the author section. Consent from all collaborators is necessary prior to the poster competition. For this purpose, a supporting letter signed by the research advisor will be required.

Poster topics should be related to one of the eight subjects to be covered in the “International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials and Structures”:

  1. Supplementary cementitious materials
  2. Durability and Life Cycle Assessment in Urban and Marine Conditions
  3. Additive manufacturing of concrete in construction
  4. Structural Performance and Design
  5. Non-Portland cements and Alkali activated cementitious materials and eco-concrete
  6. Cultural Heritage
  7. Non-destructive testing techniques
  8. Bituminous materials, polymers, timber, bamboo, recycling, masonry, etc…



The selection of the winners will be made by a jury chosen by the RILEM Honorary President. In total, the competition will award 7 prizes in three different categories:

  • Global Category: In this category, the winner will be invited to present/explain the work during the conference. The awardee receives a certificate signed by the RILEM TAC Chair and a 500€ prize issued by RILEM. The student’s name and title of the work will be published on the RILEM website.
  • Category of best technical content: The organizing committee of the event will award the three best posters with the best technical content (gold, silver and bronze). The winners will be awarded with a certificate or commemorative plaque of the event.
  • Category of best format; The organizing committee of the event will award three posters with the best format (gold, silver and bronze). The winners will be awarded with a certificate or commemorative plaque of the event.

At the end of June, further instructions will be provided to all the students registered for the competition.